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Spray Tan in Clearwater, FL

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For the girl on the glow! Our rapid solution allows you to rinse off as soon as 1-3 hours after application, depending on your desired depth of color. Your tan will continue to develop for 24 hours after your first shower. It’s time to let your inner glow shine through!

This is the perfect opportunity to stay tan and be hair free. Post laser spray tan also helps protect your skin from the sun.

It’s not enough just to make your skin look great, we want your skin to be great! The Breeze Caffe Brown Rapid spray tan solution is infused with coffee seed extracts, aloe vera and green tea. It also includes an anti-aging complex consisting of FDA-certified ingredients and nourishing botanicals that will keep your skin looking young and soft!

What I like most about my solutions that they are Rapid. What is Rapid? How does it work? Rapid means that it is an accelerated formula and clients MUST rinse in 1-3 hours, depending on the darkness they want to achieve. It’s that simple. This product will last 7-10 days if kept moisturized. It ‘flakes’ off naturally as a tan would, no weird patches or streaks.Click the button below to get started!

What Our Clients Have to Say:

"I have been going to Hannah for laser for almost two years now and can’t say enough good about her! She was so reasonable in her price point, kind and compassionate during the visits, and I’ve never felt rushed or unpleasant at an appointment. She’s always a quick message away if you have any questions too. Hair removal can be a very personal choice and I’ve felt nothing but support from her!"

- Julia M

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Caffe Brown Rapid

A perfect balance between colors produces our proprietary beautiful green-brown based tan. Great for people not only with red undertones but all skin tones to enjoy and love their flawless dark color. Our formula also offers skin loving ingredients that will help promote the production of elastin and collagen, which is essential for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrate and love your new perfect tan!

- Green Brown Based Solution

- Balances red undertones
- Great for all skin tones
- Rapid

-1-4 hours, then rinse
- Moisturizing skin extracts

- Coffee seed Extracts
- Green & White Tea
- Aloe Vera
- And More!

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Our Spray Tan Product

No spray tan solution is 100% organic despite other companies' claims. But the solutions I use come from a company that is very health conscious and because of that they provide as many natural and organic ingredients as possible. All our sunless products are custom formulations that are Vegan and Cruelty free (PETA approved). All formulas use many Anti-Aging ingredients and Antioxidants. Our solution is locally blended and created just for us here in Largo!

The primary, active ingredient DHA (Di Hydroxy Acetone, a simple non-toxic sugar) is the self-tanner added to created additional color for natural tanning results. The DHA and the other natural ingredients work with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin producing a natural tan exactly like the sun. It’s completely safe and FDA approved.

How to Prepare the Day of Your Appointment:

Wear loose clothing the day of your spray tan!

Shave and exfoliate the day before your treatment removing dry, flaky skin that may cause uneven tanning.

Please DO NOT SHOWER, right before you come in. That is one of the cardinal sins in properly prepping for your tan. This will leave your skin hydrated and most times the solution will repel and bead up on your body.

Try to at least shower either the night before or a minimum of 4 hours before your appointment.

Your skin should be clean.

Remove make up.

DO NOT apply lotions, deodorant or perfumes prior to getting sprayed.

Remove all jewelry.


You may tan in the garment of your choice or nothing at all, it all depends on where you want or don’t want tan lines.

Tight clothes can rub the DHA bronzer and smear the cosmetic bronzer.

We recommend dark, loose shorts, and a loose-fitting shirt or a sun dress.


Important: You must avoid getting wet until your first shower. Immediately after your spray tan avoid any activities that may cause you to sweat. Be sure to book your appointments in advance, so we can brief you on proper prep before your spray tan.

Some helpful tips:

Use air conditioning in your car on a hot day to avoid sweat.

Refrain from getting wet, no rainy days!

Drink from a straw if you are having a beverage.

Once you are wet, it is very difficult to fix a streak on your face.


When you are showering, stay away from bar soaps, especially Dove, this will immediately strip your tan, use only high-quality shower gel and DO NOT exfoliate or use beads/sponges.

Don’t take long baths, showers or Jacuzzi, as chlorine can cause your tan to fade.

Booking Policies

We understand that unforeseen events happen and you may need to cancel an appointment. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice so we can adjust our schedule to accommodate other clients and inform our service provider. In the event 24 hours notice is not given we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to the credit card on file totaling 10% of the service price or $25 ($50 45 min or more, and on weekends).

We reserve the right to charge a no show fee to the credit card on file totaling 10% of the service to those who do not show up to an appointment or $25 ($50 45 min or more, and on weekends). After 2 no shows you will not be able to book an appointment unless it is paid in full at time of booking.

A credit card must be on file to hold all appointments, however, you may pay as you prefer upon arrival. We strongly suggest pre-booking after your service before leaving the studio to ensure you are able to get an appointment at the time and date needed.

We ask that our clients are on time for their appointments to ensure sufficient time for quality results. Please let us know if you are running late.

While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment will be adjusted due to time constraints.

Clients arriving over 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule, as accommodating late clients may inconvenience the time of the next appointments. While we will try our best to accommodate you, understand that your appointment may be rescheduled at our discretion. In this event, the cancellation/rescheduling policy will come into effect..